Conscious Co-working Retreat

Monday, January 15 – Sunday, January 21 (2018)


Sondel, Gaasterland (Friesland)

Working like never before

❧ work on your own business and co-create with other high vibe passionate entrepreneurs

❧ combine work with meditation, breath work & massage

❧ fire up your mission & calling with Anurag

❧ step it up: how do I bring my company to the next level?

❧ lots of support to make your beautiful ideas PRACTICAL

❧ feel abundant in a luxurious living farm with fireplace and garden hot tub

❧ be a pioneer of the Conscious Co-working Retreat series – together, we’ll create the next version

Being joyfully effective  

***new addition: we added one extra day to the retreat! Being fully aligned with your calling is the perfect way to start consciously co-working, and that’s why…. (drum roll..) we added a full day of calling workshop by Anurag Gupta, Anja Janssen & Marjolein Kral. In stead of Monday evening, the retreat will now start Monday morning***

PS and even better: Anja & Marjolein will be available during the whole week for support with your calling


Our intention is to create a week full of inspiration, motivation, and unexpected new things together.

(CONSCIOUS) Dive into your inner core with conscious activities. Feel who you really are. Become centered and clear.

(CO-) There’s something very powerful about working together with a group of like-minded souls. I (Ayla) have experienced that already one day of working together brings synchronicity magic on the table every time. My feeling is that these five days of working together will bring us way more than our minds can fathom right now.

(WORKING) Get your intentions super clear. Work together with inspired individuals. Discover why some parts of your company are not flowing yet. Make next steps.


Anurag will walk around for support, which is kind of unique. He’ll guide you on how to translate your wild and/or ambitious plans to very practical steps. He’ll support you to deepen your calling, and how you can fulfil your life purpose joyfully and effectively.

I (Ayla) will be available for marketing support on demand, and share the best ways to “shine” on social media and your website. I’ll also offer energetic awareness massage.

Petra has worked all around the world, and will bring her experience to the table. Next to that, she’ll offer her insights about self-love, intuitive touch sessions, and intuitive painting sessions.

All three, we experience our daily lives more and more as a retreat. We work from a place of joy and intention. And that’s where this retreat is meant for: to dissolve the boundaries between retreats/holidays and daily (work) life.

We feel that this can be the start of a powerful community of entrepreneurs. A community in which growth is key, and in which we support each other to be of service in the best way we can.

Together with you, we want to launch a new way of doing things.

We’re looking for passionate pioneers to create this retreat together. If you feel called, let’s connect.


Date & time
Start:   Monday, January 15 at 10.00am
End:    Sunday, January 21 at 10.00am

7.30am – 8.00am    yoga / (active) meditation / dance
9.30am – 10.30am  business workshop Anurag / kick-off together
10.30am – 1.00pm   silent working
1.00pm – 2.00pm    lunch
2.00pm – 3.00pm   leasure/free time
3.00pm – 3.30pm   conscious group session
3.30pm – 4.00pm   co-work group session
4.00pm – 7.00pm   brainstorming or silent co-working + inspiration session
7.00pm – 9.00pm   dinner
9.00pm – 10.00pm group session
after 10.00pm spontanous gathering/drinks/hot tub/fireplace/party


What you’ll get:

❧ 6 nights of sleep in an amazing property (a luxurious farm with hot tub, fire place, big garden and free view)
❧ a comfy room shared with one other participant
❧ food & drinks
❧ Aligned Business coaching by Anurag (1-on-1)
❧ 3 business workshops from Anurag
❧ Inspiration sessions (see below)
❧ Conscious activities (see below)

What you’ll pay: €1249 for this all-inclusive week.
(we updated the price, since the retreat has upgraded. In stead of Tuesday, we now start Monday with a full day of calling workshop)


Inspiration sessions
The inspiration sessions are given on most of the days, and they are optional. Join them if the topics resonate!

❧ Session #1 & #2 Freedom & travel hacks: Inspiration, counseling and first hand experiences on 1) the best tropical coworking spaces & conscious locations all around the world, 2) how to easily combine work and travel and 3) insider tips to establish collaboration exchanges with hotels, wellness centers, retreats and tourism agencies while traveling

❧ Session #3 & 4 Shine your light on social media: Answers the question what really works on social media, helps you establish what way of posting suits you, and offers you some nifty Facebook and Linkedin hacks.

Conscious activities
At least two times a day, we’ll nourish ourselves with conscious activities. Would you like to offer an activity yourself? Let us know!

❧ 30 minute meditations: silent, binaural beat, guided, chakra, know the knower
❧ Intuitive painting: play, loosen up and allow creativity to flow without business strategies, goals and without pressure.
❧ Breathwork
❧ Intuitive toning and singing
❧ Self-love sessions

Maximum of 10 participants.

Jacobus Boomsmastraat 16, Sondel (Friesland)