Shine your light on social media

1-day experiential workshop

next dates: Wednesday, 20th of December 2017 (10.00 – 17.00)
Friday, 2nd of February 2018 (10.00 – 17.00)

“If you start creating from your essence, marketing will become effortless”

This workshop will be about..

❧ bringing authenticity and marketing together

❧ becoming alive, kicking & super visible on social media

❧ how to become more specific about who you really are as a company AND as a person

❧ building an online presence that has the same power as your offline presence

❧ when to choose Facebook, when to choose LinkedIn, and when to choose Instagram

❧ knowing how to “build your stories” in a way that it’s easy for other people to connect and engage with them

This is not a sales page

In case you wondered, this is not a sales page like you’re used to see them.

In no way, I’ll try to persuade you to join this workshop, or make things sound twice as beautiful as they are. I want you to join if it’s a good fit, and if the content excites you. If not, please stay home :).

This approach is part of the kind of marketing I’ll share with you. I call it aligned marketing. It’s the kind of marketing where you don’t need to (over)sell yourself. Aligned marketing starts within, always. Within aligned marketing, there are two main questions:

What is your calling/mission?

What is the optimal way for you to live and
translate your calling – to bring it alive?

Workshop Elements


I’ll share how living your calling can become your most powerful way of becoming a shining beacon on social media. You’ll learn from examples how you can bring your calling alive on Facebook and Instagram. And we’ll answer the question: text, video, images… what suits you best?


Hardly anybody can tell you why some social media posts are hugely popular, and others just aren’t. I can. I studied social media intensely for five years, and tried out everything. In this workshop, I bring it all on the table. I bring you a list of practical formats you can use that work, but always in a way you can adapt them to your own style and needs.


The workshop is experiential! We go out on the streets to create social media posts for our companies on the spot. Afterwards, we’ll have a honest and most likely very insightful discussion about the results. When we dive into the theoretical part of the workshop, we’ll use our own social media posts (from the past) to elucidate the material.


Should I use Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin? Or can I just pick one of them (yes)? I’ll go into the advantages of all three social media platforms. The main focus of this workshop will be on Facebook. I’ll show how you can make working with Facebook much more efficient and joyful, and I’ll point to some (little known) super powers Facebook has.

facebook-workshop240 likes – one of my most honest posts

“Ayla is heel erg intuïtief en kan goed de vertaalslag maken om vanuit je roeping en praktische tools je te laten shinen op sociaal media. De energie van deze dag smaakt naar veel meer!”

Esther Weijgers

facebook-workshopmy first FB video: 2000 views


Dates & time
Wednesday the 20th of December, 11.00 – 18.00    OR
Friday the 2nd of February, 11.00 – 18.00

About your calling
My advice would be to schedule a calling session before the workshop, if you don’t know your calling yet. It’ll allow you to take twice (or at least 1,5) as much out of the workshop. If you register at least one week before the workshop, you’ll get a €50 discount on a calling session. Read more about calling sessions….

10.45  doors open
11.00  playful start & introduction (be in time)
11.45  calling meets marketing: the magic link
12.30   where are you now? what is your main challenge on social media?
13.30  LUNCH
14.30  toolbox: great filters, great apps, and the best places to find images and gifs
15.00  we’ll go outside, and create social media posts for our companies on the spot
15.45  feedback round
16.15  BREAK
16.30  what fits me best? FB or Insta or Linkedin? Video, text or images?
17.00  bringing it all together: pick two challenges for the next motnh

The workshop is €100,- including lunch, ex btw.
Register at least one week before the workshop, and you’ll get a €50 discount on your calling session (that is before the 8th of December or the 26th of January, depending on which workshop you pick). Transfer the money to secure your seat. Simply ask me for a “Tikkie”.

Cancellation within one week before the start of the workshop: you’ll get 50% back.
Cancellation within two days before the start of the workshop: no money back.
All other cancellation (so earlier than one week before the workshop): full refund.

Maximum of 8 participants. First come, first serve. Requirement: you have your own business.

Take with you
Your laptop and smartphone.

Winterboeidreef 10, Utrecht (Shine Office)


Call me (06-14484508), message me, or send me an email