The Calling Course

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Plants know where to grow to because of the sun. This is what our calling is to us – a guidance that brings us to the light.

The specialty of Calling


When people find their calling, they fall into place with who they really are. As a result, they light up…. they start to shine.

Seeing this happening in other people touches me deeply. They light up, I light up. It feels like a part of the reason why I’m walking around here on earth.

The Calling Course is made for all of you who share that same feeling.

The calling method is made (by Anurag Gupta!) for the 21stcentury, for this specific time. Flocks of people are waking up to who they are, and the calling tool can help them to step in their power. It brings focus and guidance, and helps people to step away from the things that don’t really matter.


I’ve always had a sixth sense to feel the potential of people around me. The calling method has brought precision to this feeling, and has given me a tool to translate this feeling in very clear language to people.

The Calling Course is not made to impose a method upon you, but to bring out clearly that what is already present in you. To ignite that part.

You need to be lighted up in order to light the way for others. So this course is as much about supporting others, as it is about stepping into your light and power as a coach.

What you’ll get out of the course


❧ 7 different roads to find someone’s calling

❧ improving your skill to read somebody’s energy and how to translate your feeling in the most helpful feedback for your client

❧ follow-up: how to build a coaching trajectory based on a calling session

❧ tools, pointers and questions that help your clients to start living their calling

❧ the 5 main ego defenses that come up in the calling process and how to tackle them

❧ become more confident in your coaching skills through many practice exercises

❧ how to take the lead in your coaching session and how to anticipate resistance

❧ a roadmap/overview of the different phases people go through in finding and living their calling

For whom


This course is especially suited for empaths (HSP also works). Empaths are people who are able to literally feel the emotions (and sometimes also bodily sensations) of others around them.

When you are not fully aware of this trait, it can be highly confusing, because you’ll automatically take up others’ people’s emotions as if they were your own. However, when you start to see and embrace your empath nature, it can be an incredible tool in your coaching sessions.

I have noticed that since I started coaching 1,5 years ago, my empath skills have become much stronger. It’s like re-owning a language I forgot to speak.


Dates & time
–      Thursdays!
–      8.30pm – 10.30pm, Amsterdam time (CET)
–      6 December, 13 December, 20 December, 3 January, 10 January, 17 January, 31 January

next Calling Course already planned!!
7 meetings between Wednesday the 13th of February & Wednesday the 10th of April
application already open, prices 1,5x as high as the current one 

“I want to join….. but those dates don’t work for me!”
No problem, you can still join. Look under the ‘Pricing’ heading for all your options.

Online calls
–      we meet on Zoom, you’ll receive the links before the call
–      every call will be recorded, and can be watched back till the end of time

Practice, practice, practice
–      you will be teamed up with a buddy and practice on each other
–      there will be also calling exercises to practice on friends on family
–      and expect some playful homework that gets you to the heart of the matter
–      time investment: 5 hours a week (from which 2,5 hours live call)

Way of teaching
My method of teaching is based on knowing + being. I will share frameworks and important concepts, because they help you to get a grip on the material. That’s the knowing part. The ‘being’ part means that every meeting will be highly experiential. I will demonstrate every method I speak about, and I will be coaching every one of you during the meetings so that the method comes alive.

How about my own calling?
Knowing your own calling (very well) is important for this course. A private calling session is included in the Calling Course. So when you don’t know your calling yet, we will plan this session in the first week of the Course. If you are already aware of your calling, we will plan a session to take your calling to the next level (later in the course).

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Latest calling testimonial

My calling sesssion with Ayla was truly an amazing experience. With her profound knowledge, experience and sensitivity she took me on a wonderful journey to better understand myself and learned me to talk from the heart.

She provided me with several deep insights in myself and made me see what has been right in front of me all these years.

Also in the days after, I realized that the outcome of the session was ‘spot-on’ and gave me guidance into myself, why I’m doing things and what I should focus on to be in closer connection to myself. Without a doubt, this was for me an unbelievingly valuable experience!